Wraparound Program

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) describes Wraparound as a planning process that values the engagement of the child and their family in a manner that shifts from a problem focused view of issues, to building on individual strengths that are used to improve family and child well being. The Wraparound process is used to engage the family as they identify their own needs and create methods and a plan to meet those needs; the philosophy is that all the activities conducted with the families are individualized, family driven, culturally competent, and community based.

There is a “strengths based” approach in Wraparound that helps the families and the children recognize, use, and build on their own personal strengths and skills and use them to improve the daily lives of themselves and their family. Wraparound assists families in developing communication, problem solving, and coping skills, as well as self efficacy. The program assists the families with identifying and strengthening the relationships of their “natural supports” which are made up of family, friends, and community members. The goal is to provide intensive, individualized services and supports to families that will allow the children to live and grow up in a safe, stable, and permanent family environment. The program assists the families with identifying their “natural supports,” building on their strengths, recognizing areas to improve, and making and obtaining short and long term goals.

Families in the Wraparound program will receive intensive case management including regular family team meetings and case planning. A small amount of flexible funding is also available for use in assisting the family in addressing identified barriers and for creative solutions.

Wraparound participants are informed from the beginning that by joining this voluntary program that they need to be ready to commit to intense case management which may include crisis management, safety planning, strengths exploration, a needs assessment, goal planning, and implementation of tools that will be used to address problem behaviors in a positive way. By trusting in the Wraparound program the families will make many steps towards improving positive communication within the home, correcting negative behaviors, and building trust and respect within the family in order to create and maintain a stable and positive living environment once the family transitions out of the Wraparound program.

Tehama County’s Wraparound program is a service of the Child Welfare Services Division of Social Services, and is operated by the Tehama County Community Action Agency. Families may be referred for Wraparound services by their social worker or juvenile probation officer.

For more information on the Wraparound program please contact the Wraparound Coordinator at (530) 528-4136.

To see an overveiw of the partnership between Community Action Agency and Social Services - Child Welfare Division, click here.

For additional resources, please click the following links:

National Wraparound Institute

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